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Are you need of medical aid or health insurance that is affordable yet also provides great medical  cover?

Save up to 70% over standard medical aid with affordable comprehensive medical insurance cover

Not everybody can afford full medical aid and for many people it is not necessary. Medical insurance provides an excellent alternative that provides adequate cover at lower cost

  • Potentially save up to R700 per month on health cover
  • Starting as low as R265pm for day2day plus hospital cover
  • Comprehensive hospital cover for illness and accident
  • Hospital cover includes maternity, dread disease, disability, emergency, accidents, death & HIV benefits
  • Includes family life insurance cover & emergency services

Day to day cover from only R265pm*!

*Includes GP visits, scripted medication, pathology, dentistry, optometry, radiology, maternity and specialists over and above the base hospital cover up to R4200 per day

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How does medical insurance compare to traditional medical aid?

Traditional Medical Aid Plans (Cover from R1000)

These cover most of your medical expenses and include benefits for hospital, daily expenses and chronic medications. This type of plan is recommended for those who want comprehensive cover, but do not want a savings benefit included in the cover.

Comprehensive Medical Schemes (Cover from R1500)

Unlike the above plan, this option does have a savings component and also covers almost every other medical expense as well. Recommended for individuals or a family who wants comprehensive medical scheme cover for every possible risk, and can afford to do so.

Hospital plans / Health Insurance day to day (Cover from R300) cost considerably less than comprehensive medical aid plans but still provide excellent hospital cover and related insurance as well as day to day benefits. A basic hospital plan is recommended for reasonably health families that want to protect themselves from unforeseen future risks.

Why choose us?

Our policies have been specifically developed to offer affordable health insurance and for those persons who cannot afford costly medical aid rates, without compromising their right to high quality private healthcare within our approved network of medical service providers.

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  • Service provides access to funds immediately
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