Are you in need of affordable medical cover without paying thousands of rands every month on costly medical aid?

Get affordable medical cover from as low as R349 per month

Not everybody can afford or even requires full medical aid. Medical insurance offers an excellent affordable alternative that provides great cover at a much lower cost

  • Starts from as low as R651pm for combined day 2 day AND hospital cover
  • Or only R349 for day 2 day medical costs or only R426 for hospital cover
  • Hospital cover up to R45 000 for 21 days hospital stay, to use as you need
  • Day 2 day includes UNLIMITED medically necessary GP visits, chronic and acute medication, pathology, dentistry, optometry, radiology, maternity, specialists
  • Visit any hospital of your choice with preference to Life and Mediclinic
  • Hospital includes R150k accident, R250k disability and R9000 per day dread disease benefit up to R250k

Get Unlimited doctor visits and visit any hospital, private or public

medical insuranceMost of us understand that having no medical cover at all is a major risk to our health as well as finances should the unexpected occur, however many South Africans are still not covered due to how costly medical aid can be.

The most affordable medical aid usually starts at R1200pm for the most basic cover or "hospital plan" option with full comprehensive cover often costing over R2000 up to R3000 per month depending.

Medical aid is ideal option to cover all potential risks however this comes at a large cost that is often not affordable or even necessary for you depending on your needs.

Medical insurance is an excellent compromise between medical aid or no cover whatsoever and provides cover for day to day issues as well as hospital cover while still remaining far more affordable than even the most basic medical aid policy.

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Services Covered and Further Information

  • Acute and chronic medication as dispensed according to a Medicine Formulary.
  • Unlimited Medically necessary Consultations and Specified Minor Trauma Treatment
  • Pre and Postnatal Care, supervision of uncomplicated pregnancy up to week 20 including a 2D sonar scans per pregnancy
  • Basic pathology and radiology as requested by approved GP
  • Basic dentistry from approved providers include consultations, primary extractions, fillings, scaling and polishing.
  • Optometry from approved providers includes eye test and glasses
  • Family funeral benefit, Principal, Spouse & Child ˃14yrs R10 000
  • Waiting period is 1 month and dependent on 1st debit date
  • Accident Benefit Up to R150k principal member and R300k per family
  • Accidental Disability R250k Principal Member only. Permanent Disability Only
  • Hospital up to R6500 per day up to R21 days. Additional benefit payable up to R40k per year if necessary
  • Dread disease up to R250k total as well as specific illness benefits up to 40k each depending on illness
  • 24 hour emergency service include pre-authorization & arranging R10 000 guarantee admission for accidents
  • Your new born baby is covered from birth with no waiting periods
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